Cultural house Madrid


Office Interiors

Pieter has built offices into three empty warehouses. He did this with great diligence.

I am very satisfied with his planning, steering and our mutual cooperation, with much room for my own input. During the construction there were no delays and the working atmosphere was excellent. 

A new experience for me was to build from 3d sketches. They gave a lot more insight in the actual contents of the building and it makes the process more manageable. 

My employees love working at the locations. I can wholeheartedly recommend Pieter as designer.

★★★★★   Drs. Henk van Dalen, entrepreneur

Restyling Apartments

Zen inspired



Adapted styles

3d sketches have been a crucial tool for our major renovation. Pieter showed us several possibilities, from which we could choose. The layout of the house became visible, as well as the materials and the atmosphere. 

Pieter’s feedback on our ideas was creative and led to surprises that we could not have imagined. 

★★★★★   Drs. Alexander Henny, treasurer & Mechteld Henny, artist